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Discovery Process​

Our Discovery process consist of a 4-step approach -  Discover, Plan, Develop, and Optimize. 

We believe in careful planning when working with our clients. Each person, team, and organization are unique. That is why we follow the Discovery Methodology, which allow us to design a specific plan to meet performance goals and generate exceptional outcomes.

We take a solution-focused scientific-approach by using proven strategies and techniques that have successfully been implemented and tested in personal, fitness, and executive coaching as well as organizational development settings.


  1. Optimize
    Upon obtaining the current status of the program, we will re-evaluate the results. Adjusting goals and ultimately optimizing the results.
  2. Develop
    Once the performance systems have been designed. Our team will develop, implement, and evaluate the success of it.
  3. Discover
    During this first step we apply different strategies to determine current conditions and desired goals. Strategies applied during this phase range from front-end analysis, to individual and team assessments, to surveys specifically designed to identify performance gaps.
  4. Plan
    Upon determining performance gaps, we establish a performance partnership approach where we work alongside the individual, team, and/or organizational stakeholders in developing scientifically-proven strategies. At this stage, our team will work alongside you in the design of human performance plans and systems that will drive the needed strategies for success.