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Our Purpose
At 4Space we understand the value of human capital and we strive to develop integrated solutions to optimize organizational performance. It is our core mission to partner with HR Departments and offer cutting-edge strategies to boost the performance of their workforce. 

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Strategic Planning
We always start by gaining an understanding of the organization’s human capital current capabilities by conducting front-end analyses. This includes assessing the workforce performance in relation to the organization’s business value and strategy. This results in the identification of opportunities for improvement as well as developmental areas. Once the improvement opportunities are prioritized, we will work together in planning and implementing the HR strategies.
Our Organizational  Performance Partnership Approach
Implementation & Management
Introducing new HR strategies requires a planned and systemic approach that is effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization. This process involves the formulation of partnerships across the HR function and other business units to ensure strategy alignment and application. This is a critical intervention, and we provide the consulting support necessary to ensure the strategies are efficiently and effectively applied. 

Developing organizational strategies requires careful planning, implementation, evaluation, and optimization.

Here is where our expertise comes in, we have proven strategy developing systems that take into account the theoretical, legally-defensible, and performance metrics aspects you need to implement effective HR strategies within your organization. We promise a state of the art strategic approach that offers simple to deliver, effective, and sustainable organizational solutions.

We understand the value that measurable results add to your HR department and we strive to provide objective data to support the strategic solutions we implement. Our people analytics approach focuses on careful data collection methodologies that ensure you get meaningful measures of performance. By providing measurable performance information, we equip your HR department with the right tools to continue implementing, designing, and updating HR strategies that meet your organization’s demands.
Our Products and Services
We have the expertise to assist you with various human capital optimizing strategies. 
  1. Applicant Selection
    Applicant Selection
    Identifying the job specific attributes and designing a selection strategy that allows your HR Department to attract, fairly evaluate, and select the stellar applicants needed to carry on your organizational goals.
  2. Organizational Development
    Organizational Development
    Organizational culture is a core element in building high performing workforces. Organizational culture design, implementation, and strategies must be carefully crafted. Our role is to provide your organization with a customized approach to enhance and create a sustainable high performance culture.
  3. Employee Engagement
    Employee Engagement
    We work alongside HR departments in designing and implementing a customized employee engagement plan, from onboarding to succession planning in alignment with organizational strategies. Our support includes the distribution and analysis of surveys, the design of performance systems, and the delivery of employee development programs, such as leadership training and executive coaching guidance.

About Us

At 4Space we draw our expertise from diverse disciplines and our consultants include HR Professionals, Industrial/Organizational Psychologists, and Performance Engineers who strive to measurably make workplaces a better place. How can we accomplish that? By helping HR Departments to successfully meet their goals and allowing their employees to soar by reaching their full performance potential.

When 4Space was created we envisioned an organization that would provide business solutions based on actionable meaningful data. In today's ever-changing environment, organizations are dynamic and need practical solutions to meet the new technological demands and the changing workforce. We apply business psychology methods and system design theories to offer strategies that increase organizational productivity in a realistic fast-pace organizational setting. We are tirelessly working on this goal and we pride ourselves in delivering and perfecting effective, accurate, and timely solutions.

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